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Is the Famous Sriracha Gluten Free? Find Out Your Favourite Sauce Is Safe To Eat Or A Spicy Surprise!

Is Sriracha Gluten Free?

Is Sriracha gluten free

Is Sriracha gluten free? Being a passionate foodie who follows a gluten free diet may sound like an oxymoron at first glance. However it is possible to enjoy the love of food while staying true to one’s choice of going gluten free. Whether it is for health reasons or simply as a personal preference, gluten free as a dietary choice is never an easy one. Thankfully, there are a wide array of delicious and safe condiments for me to enhance my meals.

Today, I will be exploring one of my favourites – the Sriracha gluten free Hot Sauce – which adds flavour, dimension, and most importantly, that spicy kick and oomph to meals. There are safe, gluten free options for those with a gluten intolerance. Let us explore the ins and outs of this condiment that originated from none other than the land of spice and flavours Thailand.

What Exactly Is Sriracha?

Sriracha, is a thick and tangy, sweet chilli pepper sauce with a strong kick of garlic. Not to be confused with Tabasco or regular hot sauce, the distinguishing factor in Sriracha has got to be the garlicky and subtle sweetness. Although it originated from South-East Asia, it has gained immense popularity and a strong following for its spice and zest. Perhaps it is the fact that it is only moderately spicy. Or, perhaps it is because of its balanced blend of heat and sweetness. Or, perhaps, it could simply be that the flavours add a unique and delicious flavour to almost everything.

The Birthplace of the Fiery Sauce

Mention Sriracha and it is likely that anyone would know what it is. In fact, it is so popular that Bon Appétit has even declared it as ‘Ingredient of the Year’. It also became a top choice of food for NASA astronauts on the International Space Station. Nevertheless, Sriracha started off with humble beginnings.

Sriracha’s History

Sriracha’s roots can be traced back to the early 1930s in the coastal town of Si Racha (or Sriracha, hence the name). When by good fortune, a Thai Woman named Thanom Chakkapuk started experimenting with this spicy and tangy iconic sauce using locally sauced chilli peppers. The concoction of chilli peppers together with the base ingredients which includes sugar, salt, garlic, distilled vinegar. This resulted in a thick, ketchup-like sauce. It became a sensation among the locals. Of course, no one could keep a secret as hot (literally) as this.

Eventually, the town of Si Racha became synonymous with the sauce. Its popularity grew exponentially within Thailand and exploded into the international culinary scene. Lovers of Sriracha embraced this versatile sauce wholeheartedly, incorporating this breath of fire into tired, mundane, everyday recipes.

And, the rest, is history.

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The Many Faces of Sriracha – More Than A Rooster

The surge in popularity of Sriracha’s fame meant that many companies tried to capitalise on its popularity. One of the most popular Sriracha brands around the world – Huy Food Sriracha Sauce – is also known as the ‘American Sriracha’. Indeed, this iconic sauce with a rooster on its label. Also known more endearingly as the ‘Rooster Sauce’ is the most well-known brand. It’s so popular that scalpers are reselling this on Amazon and eBay due to a Sriracha shortage in Northern America

But this popularity has also led to the emergence of other Sriracha brands, each offering its unique twist to the classic recipe. Among these brands are the well-known Pantai Sriracha Sauce, which have each garnered their respective fan base. One of the most popular brands in Thailand is the Sriraja Panich Brand – some say that this is the original Sriracha recipe that was born in Si Racha. With its harmonious blend of ‘spiciness, sourness, saltiness and sweetness’, it has become a staple in Thai households and restaurants.  

Question Answered: Is Sriracha Gluten Free?

While the market is filled with various Sriracha gluten free brands, the typical ingredients remain the same – chilli peppers, sugar, salt, garlic, distilled vinegar, and preservatives. So is sriracha gluten free? Notably, none of these ingredients contain wheat, barley, or other gluten-containing grains. As a result, Sriracha is generally considered naturally gluten free, making it a prime selection for those following a gluten free diet who are looking to spice up their meals.

While most reputable Sriracha gluten free brands take measures to avoid cross-contamination, those with celiac disease or should read labels carefully to ensure that the brand is certified gluten free. In such cases, the extra certification which eliminates the possibility of consuming gluten, may prove to provide an extra peace of mind.

Ingredients in Sriracha

  • Chilli Peppers: The main ingredient, chilli peppers, is naturally gluten free, making up the core of the sauce’s heat and flavour. Some variations of peppers include red jalapeño, serrano, and Thai chilli peppers, or a fine blend of each of them. Some recipes call for red Fresno chilli peppers as an alternative. Each of them has a different level of spiciness based on the Scoville Scale which is a measurement of pungency. Make sure that you check the spicyness on the bottle before drizzling them generously on your bowl of Mexican wings!
  • Garlic: Garlic is a naturally gluten free spice that complements the flavour profile of the chilli peppers beautifully. Some say that it is the nutty and pungent aroma of the garlic that gives Sriracha its distinct, unique characteristic – something missing in usual hot sauce.
  • Vinegar: Vinegar contributes to the subtle sour and tangy profile in Sriracha. Pure distilled vinegar is safe for those with gluten intolerance as they are usually made from inherently gluten free ingredients such as grapes.
  • Sugar: Pure sugar is naturally gluten free. Sugar is usually from sugar beets or sugar cane, both of which are free from any gluten proteins.
  • Salt: Salt is naturally gluten free and does not contain any wheat, barley, or rye. However, some flavoured salts or salt-blend may contain gluten containing ingredients, so it is important to check the type of salt used.

When it comes to Sriracha gluten free sauces, you can find that they share a common set of basic ingredients. However, what separates one from the other is the balance of each ingredient. The proportion of each of these elements in each bottle is what makes one brand stand out from the other. Some are sweeter, some are spicier, some are more sour while some are tangier.

How Spicy Can you Go?

If you are venturing into the land of Sriracha for the first time, you might want to try something less adventurous in terms of spice. I have a pretty sensitive taste palate, so my money goes to the Flying Goose Sriracha which contains only 61% of chill. On the other hand, if you are looking for a more thrilling challenge, Rooster’s Sriracha definitely fits the bill. This sauce consists of 82.3% of chilli proportion in each bottle.

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Certified Gluten Free Sriracha Brands: Spicing up Safely on a Gluten Free Diet

Sriracha has gained significant popularity and recognition as an iconic international condiment. Not merely confined to the borders of Asia, it has gained widespread popularity in the United States and other countries. It is creatively used in Asian cuisines, fusion food and to enhance traditional local food. The rise of Sriracha’s popularity has created a demand for the sauce across various culinary cultures and dietary preferences. This gives rise to a market where one can confidently indulge in the spice through certified Gluten Free Sriracha brands.

Top Sriracha Brands

  • Huy Fong Foods (Rooster Brand Sriracha): Being the most popular and widely recognised Sriracha brand, the Rooster Brand Sriracha is gluten free. As of 2022, the company has released an allergen statement confirming the absence of gluten in the products and in their manufacturing plant.
  • Flying Goose Sriracha: Both vegan and gluten free, this brand of Sriarcha is also very well known around the world. There are both hot and super hot flavours to choose from.
  • Pantai Sriracha: Pantai Sriracha is gluten free by ingredient. It is a popular choice in Australia and is found at a variety of supermarkets.
  • Sky Valley Sriracha Sauce: This brand offers a gluten free Sriracha sauce with certification on its label. It has become a popular choice in the US as it is known for using natural ingredients.
  • Yellowbird Organic Sriracha: This certified Sriracha gluten free brand is considered the ‘cleanest condiment of its kind’ according to the website. It boasts 100% organic ingredients so one can safely feed their Sriracha addiction without unappetizing additives or added sugars. The delightful sweetness is derived from produce such as dates and raisins. Additionally, it earns extra points for being certified non-GMO.
  • Lee Kum Kee Sriracha Chilli Sauce: Well-known for its high-quality ingredients, this brand manufactures Sriracha that is certified as non-GMO and gluten free. As the largest known Chinese sauce brand in the world, consumers can be assured of the quality of their sauces.

People with a higher level of sensitivity towards gluten can turn towards these brands to satisfy their Sriracha cravings safely. As more brands emerge, I am confident that we will see an increasing choice of Sriracha brand with the gluten free certification. This will give consumers a wider range of choices.

Savouring Sriracha – From Traditional Thai Sauce to Modern Cooking

I suppose that the fascination about Sriracha lies in its versatility, elevating a wide array of dishes with an additional flavour profile. In its birthplace of Thailand, Sriracha is used as a hot, spicy dipping sauce. But Sriracha’s fame extends far beyond Thailand’s borders. Its heat adds a delightful thrill to almost everything and everything. Virtually anything you can imagine can benefit from this fiery blend.

However, this could unintentionally pose a dietary risk for those who need to be extra careful with their gluten intake. Such concerns can be even more evident if a restaurant does not use Sriracha that is certified gluten free. Be sure to check that the sauce your favourite Thai restaurant is using is gluten free. If it is one of the more popular brands, then it will be gluten free and suitable for those with gluten intolerance.  

As much as Sriracha is naturally gluten free, for an added layer of confidence, opting to dine in gluten free restaurants. Or, choosing to eat in establishments that offer certified gluten free Sriracha options. This may be crucial in ensuring that you can savour its delight, free of worries.

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Conclusion: Is Sriracha Gluten Free?

Sriracha is and will always be my versatile hot sauce companion. With its humble origins, it has gone a long way to elevating Thai cuisine and many others to new heights. My fondness for it has got to be because of its enticing fusion of exotic flavours – spicy yet sweet; intense yet balanced; potent yet tangy. Thankfully, it is also a gluten free choice and now has a coveted spot on my kitchen shelf.

As someone who chooses a gluten free lifestyle, I appreciate the freedom to experiment with it in my cooking and meals. And indeed, it is a good step forward that manufacturers are also labelling their Sriracha bottles as gluten free, providing the much-needed assurance for those who need to be extra cautious due to medical reasons like celiac disease.

The next time you step into the kitchen, why not add a twist to your cooking by garnishing it with this sauce? Of course, if you want to eat it by the spoonful, the next question is: ‘why not?’ 

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