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Is Better Than Bouillon Gluten Free Or A Gluten Loaded Illusion? The Answer Here!

is better than bouillon gluten free?

There’s nothing I enjoy more than cooking, and the question of ‘is Better Than Bouillon gluten free’ has crossed my mind several times when needing to use a stock base. Cooking is a passion that truly allows me to express myself through my creativity, although I must admit convenience is often favoured. There are times where I prefer to make my own stock, and other times when store bought stock or bouillon will have to do. Nevertheless, I do take a moment to appreciate these moments to show my love and gratitude to those whom I cook for – family, friends, and myself

I’m sure many of my readers will share the same sentiments. Sometimes amidst our busy schedules, we seek out kitchen allies. These allow us to focus more on our loved ones as opposed to sweating it out with the pots and pans. This is where stocks and bouillons come into play. In this article, we will explore whether one of the more popular bouillon brands out there – is Better Than Bouillon gluten free – so that we may confidently utilise this kitchen aid in our cooking.

Bringing Comfort in Every Bite: How Stock Bases and Bouillon Cubes Create Familiarity

Since embarking on a gluten free diet, the prospect of dining out has never been straightforward. There’s an undeniable peace of mind and assurance in preparing meals at home. I know that whatever I prepare truly fits into my dietary requirements. Of course, these are times where I also must accommodate the palates of those who graciously support my gluten free choice. Therefore, it is important that whatever I present to them retains a sense of familiarity. To achieve this, I often turn to the reliable companionship of gluten free stock bases and bouillon cubes.

With the myriad of choices out there, what is the most suited for gluten free individuals? One of the most popular food bases on the market is none other than Better Than Bouillon food base. But is Better Than Bouillon gluten free? It has been used in humble home kitchens to large-scale restaurants. But here’s the question – bouillon cubes and stock bases are just essentially made of beef, chicken or leftover vegetables simmered and stewed for hours, so, they are gluten free, right? Never assume..

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What is Better Than Bouillon?

Better Than Bouillon is a concentrated paste that demonstrates versatility in its uses. From making a simple soup to adding flavour to your stews, curries or pasta. It adds depth, complexity, and a savory umami kick to a wide range of dishes. With just a little of this magic paste, it lifts up dishes instantaneously, giving dimensions and layers to a food. Even Bon Appétit claimed that the Better Than Bouillon chicken base was superior to the well-known Swanson Chicken Stock and it is not surprising so.

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What is Gluten Intolerance?

To put it simply, gluten intolerance means that one gets sick after eating gluten. When you feel bloated, gassy or simply lethargic after eating that bagel for lunch, it could be because of gluten. For people who are gluten intolerant, your body does not respond well to gluten. Gluten is primarily found in wheat, barley and rye.

On the other hand, for people who suffer from celiac disease it’s a different story. When they consume gluten it causes damage to the healthy cells lining the small intestine. Unlike people who are gluten intolerant, those with celiac disease will face long-term permanent damage to the digestive system. This makes it even more crucial for them to stick to a 100% gluten free diet.

Better Than Bouillon or Traditional Bouillon?

Traditionally, bouillon has long been a reliable ally in the kitchen, amping up the flavour quotient of dishes with its salty embrace. Salt, effortlessly transforms any mundane, flat flavour into one that makes you yearn for more. However, the aftermath can only be felt much later. Consequences of excessive salt intake can slowly unfold.

Enter Better Than Bouillon – a culinary revolution that seeks to overcome the lingering salt in one’s palate. At its core, it is a concentrated paste meticulously crafted from cooked meat and/or vegetables. It has a 95% composition of organic ingredients. Its wide array of bases from Turkey Base to Roasted Garlic Base to Organic Seasoned Vegetable Base. There is something for everyone! Whether you’re looking to prepare a vegan minestrone soup or slow-cooked beef stew, a spoonful of Better Than Bouillon base will be that final oomph.

However, as its fame surges and popularity skyrockets, the question of ‘is Better Than Bouillon’s gluten free’ is even more prevalent. After all, it is unlikely that you will find Better Than Bouillon listed as an ingredient in a Grilled Chicken dish in a restaurant menu.

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Answer: Is Better Than Bouillon Gluten Free? Ingredient Analysis

In an ideal world, bouillon should be gluten free. It’s merely concentrated meat, vegetables, and a healthy amount of salt. Unfortunately, this is not the case here. So is Better Than Bouillon gluten free? Better than Bouillon is not gluten free meaning it is not suitable for those with gluten sensitivity or celiacs. 

According to the official website for Better Than Bouillon, the products are made in a facility where wheat ingredients are housed. Furthermore, the company does not test the products or ingredients contained for gluten. It is not possible to certify that any ingredient is indeed gluten free.

A quick look at some of their bases shows that it contains ingredients such as Barley Malt Extract and Yeast Extract. Well, barley yeast extract is definitely not gluten free. As for yeast extract, that is a little more complicated. From a gluten free perspective, yeast and yeast extract is generally gluten free if it is made from gluten free grains. However, if it is made from barley as it most commonly is, then, it is not gluten free. What makes it more challenging is that manufacturers are not required to disclose the source of yeast extract on the ingredients label. With an ingredient as vague as ‘yeast extract’ on the ingredient list, it is not reassuring for people seeking to follow a strict gluten free diet.

Finding Gluten Free Confidence in the world of Hidden Ingredients

 In the labyrinth of ingredients labels, seemingly innocuous terms such as ‘food starch’ may prove to be unsettling. Even for the most vigilant individuals which are looking for a gluten free diet. These vague definitions can inadvertently cast a web of uncertainty to those who have to navigate dietary restrictions, such as a gluten free diet. Found in Better Than Bouillon soup bases, ‘food starch’ and ‘natural flavours’ are some of these ingredients that serve little clarity to consumers.

 So, what are these exactly?

Modified food starch is used as a food additive and in the United States. Nearly all modified food starch is gluten free and safe for people with gluten intolerance or those who have celiac disease.  For natural flavours, they are again mostly gluten free. Technically, they may come from a variety of sources, including spices and herbs, vegetables or vegetable juice, eggs or fermented products.

But, use with caution. Amidst this promising and comforting scenario, a subtle yet significant caveat emerges. The pivotal words are ‘mostly’ and ‘nearly’. This, translates to unpredictability, and serves to be of little assurance to those looking for certainty in a world of gluten free diet. Indeed, if you see a Gluten Free symbol or other certifications to the gluten free status on the bottle, then yes, these hidden ingredients will be gluten free. Otherwise, this is simply a gamble that may prove to be rather unsettling, literally.

Gluten free alternatives to Better Than Bouillon

This does not spell gloom and doom for home-cooks. Especially those seeking an easier alternative for their home cooked meal amidst a busy schedule. While Better Than Bouillon may not hold the coveted gluten free status, there are plenty of alternatives. You can safely consume the following on a gluten free diet: 

  • Kallo provides a certified range of gluten free stock cubes that offers a swift and reliable option. 
  • Orrington Farms is a beacon of choice for gluten sensitive individuals, boasting not only gluten free credentials but it also deserves bonus points for being MSG-free. 
  • Herb Ox Gluten Free options is also a great alternative, adding a burst of flavour to all kind of dishes from gravies to pasta and stir-fried dishes.

And here’s a delightful revelation – crafting your own stock or broth is far from an ancient long-lost art.

The foundational principle is elegantly, and thankfully, simple: combine beef or poultry bones, throw in a combination of vegetables – think carrots, potato, leek, celery, onion – and let the concoction simmer for hours. Yes, hours, you read that right. But don’t envision yourself perpetually tethered to the stove. Invest in a slow cooker, the modern-day kitchen essential, and just let it do its magic over time. Alternatively, low heat in the oven will work just fine.

What awaits is simply a gratifying base which can be refrigerated or frozen and used as and when needed. The true satisfaction lies in the fact that now you can have control over the depth, rich, flavour and salt content. Most importantly, the gluten free assurance which provides even the most gluten sensitive individuals a peace of mind.

How to make homemade Broth and Stock

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Conclusion: Is Better Than Bouillon Gluten Free?

Stock and bouillon cubes are indeed a godsend to those looking for a quick and comforting kitchen ally amidst our busy schedules. The answer to the question of ‘is Better Than Bouillon gluten free’ is unfortunately a no. With Better than Bouillon lacking the certified gluten free assurance and guarantee, it may not be the first contender for a spot in the kitchen cabinet. Opt for gluten free alternatives when utilising a stock or bouillon base. Better yet, make your own!

Perhaps, this is a nudge in the right direction. Perhaps, it is time for us to reevaluate our genuine affection for the art of cooking. In this world where many things demand swift results, the process of crafting your own stock and broth stands as a testament to the true rewards of patience. It’s a reflection that time-honoured practices are there for a reason – because they produce miracles. So, take a leap of faith and discover the world of homemade stock and broth. You may find that the satisfaction derived from your labour of love could truly reflect the beautiful marvels of cooking.

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