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Is Vermicelli Gluten Free? Good For You Or Sneaky Strings? Revealed Here!

Rice Vermicelli Gluten Free

Are you following a gluten free diet and have pondered the question of ‘Is vermicelli gluten free?’. As someone passionate about gluten free living, I delve into a variety of foods to determine their gluten free status. Today I will be talking all about vermicelli noodles. I cook with vermicelli noodles very regularly. When going gluten free I needed to find out whether I could still eat my favourite noodles.

There are a couple of kinds of vermicelli noodles. You can find the kind made from wheat originating in Italy. You can also find the variety made from rice. I’ve done some digging on today’s topic – whether vermicelli is gluten free – to provide you with all the information you need.

What Is Vermicelli?

Vermicelli is derived from the Italian word “verme” which means worm. This symbolises the long, thin strands of vermicelli noodles. Vermicelli can be found in two types – rice vermicelli or wheat vermicelli.

Rice Vermicelli: Rice vermicelli is a staple in South East Asia. Think of your favourite Thai or Vietnamese dishes. I can hazard a guess that some of them will feature rice vermicelli noodles. They are thin, translucent noodles made from rice and water. The texture is slightly chewy, yet soft and delicate. The flavour is neutral which is great for housing bold flavours. Rice vermicelli noodles are delicious in foods such as salads, stir-fries and noodle soups.

Wheat Vermicelli: Wheat vermicelli is commonly found in the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisines. It is made from durum wheat and is more dense than rice vermicelli. These noodles appear to look more like pasta, with a yellow hue. 

Gluten and Gluten free Diet

Gluten is a protein found in barley, wheat and rye. If you have gluten sensitivites or celiac disease then these grains should be avoided. Gluten free diets have gained momentum over the past couple of years. More folk are determined to ditch the gluten for a healthier lifestyle. This leads to many questions being asked of a food’s gluten free status. That’s why I am here to help!

Is Vermicelli Gluten Free? Your Guide To Navigating Noodles

The answer to the question of ‘is vermicelli gluten free’ is: it depends on which variety you go for! Rice vermicelli noodles, my favourite kind of noodles, are thankfully naturally gluten free. Most brands of rice vermicelli are commonly made with only two ingredients – water and rice. The noodles come dried in the packet, which turns soft when soaked in boiling water. 

Wheat based vermicelli found in Mediterranean or Middle Eastern cuisine is not gluten free. These noodles are akin to pasta made from wheat and are not suitable for a gluten free diet.

It is important to note that cross contamination can also occur when rice vermicelli is manufactured in a factory that also houses gluten. This should be clearly labelled on the packet. Fortunately, many brands clearly label their rice vermicelli gluten free.

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Certified Gluten Free Brands Of Rice Vermicelli Noodles

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If you’re on the hunt for gluten free rice vermicelli, a couple of brands stand out. Here is a list of gluten free vermicelli noodle brands that varies depending on which country you’re from. 



  • Changs Vermicelli Rice Noodles – Changs is one of the more popular brands found in Australia, commonly found at all major supermarkets. 
  • Wai Wai Rice Vermicelli – This brand is my personal favourite as it’s easy to find and it is usually cheaper than others. You can also find bigger packs of vermicelli in this brand. Handy to keep in the cupboard!

United Kingdom

  • Ko-Lee Rice Vermicelli Noodles – These noodles are a great option found in Sainsbury’s in the UK. These noodles are free from genetically modified ingredients. 
  • Mama Vermicelli Noodles – These noodles are a good option found in Tesco. Tapioca starch is featured in the ingredients and is gluten free. The tapioca makes the noodles a little chewier than those with just rice and water. 

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Cooking With Rice Vermicelli

Rice vermicelli noodles are extremely versatile. They are a must have in any cooking enthusiast’s cupboard. Rice vermicelli noodles are widely used in South East Asian cuisine which is my personal favourite. I love the bold and unique flavours these cuisines bring. Rice vermicelli noodles are a perfect combination for those flavours.

From stir fries to salads, these noodles are delicious in an array of dishes. Fancy gluten free Singapore noodles? Or maybe a noodle salad? Or perhaps a delicious noodle soup? Here are some tasty gluten free recipes using rice vermicelli noodles:

You can make an array of different dishes using rice vermicelli noodles. I often make a simple stir fry with some gluten free soy sauce, sesame oil, sriracha, lots of garlic and a tiny bit of honey or sugar. 

Conclusion: Is Vermicelli Gluten free?

Is vermicelli gluten free? Whether you’re celiac, gluten intolerant or simply enjoying a gluten free diet, knowing the gluten free status of vermicelli is important. Especially if you are a noodle lover like me! It is with great pleasure that I confirm the answer of is vermicelli gluten free. It is indeed gluten free! If you are following a gluten free diet, ensure the vermicelli that you are buying only consists of gluten free ingredients such as rice and water.

The wheat counterpart is not gluten free and should be avoided. Better yet, look for gluten free signs or symbols on the packet. I hope you are now empowered to buy a packet of rice vermicelli. Whip up a recipe and enjoy eating these gluten free noodles!

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