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Gluten Free Indian Food: How To Enjoy Spice And Flavour Without The Fear Of Gluten!

Indian food is one of the best cuisines that those with gluten intolerance can eat. There are many options of gluten free Indian food to choose from. Indian food is perfect for a gluten free diet. Most Indian foods are naturally gluten free and make for delicious dishes full of a variety of spices and flavours. The foods vary from region to region due to the different offerings available in the particular area. Gluten Free Indian food can be very healthy and comprises many vegetables and legumes which are very popular in Indian cooking.

Whether you are travelling to India, or wishing to order an Indian takeout, keep reading to learn which Indian foods are gluten free and which gluten free friendly dishes you can find in India.

Is ghee gluten free

Ghee is clarified butter that is heavily used in Indian cooking. Ghee is naturally gluten free and can be described as butter that has had all water removed. You are then left with golden, pure fat. It is delicious. I use ghee in all my cooking, whether it is Indian cuisine or not. It adds a wonderful depth of flavour and I use it in place of cooking oils. It is also said to be much healthier to cook with than other popular cooking oils. 

Is Masala Gluten Free?

Is masala gluten free indian food

Masala is naturally gluten free and adds a delicious flavour to your gluten free Indian food. Garam masala is an Indian dried spice blend consisting of aromatic spices found in India. These spices are cinnamon, black pepper, cumin, coriander, cardamom, nutmeg and cloves. These spices are often the base of many curries found in Indian cuisine. 

What Indian Meals Are Gluten Free?

Is Butter Chicken (Murgh Makhani) Gluten Free?

is butter chicken gluten free indian food

When you ask yourself which Indian food is gluten free then I am sure butter chicken springs to mind! Murgh Makhani, commonly known to Westerners as butter chicken, is a naturally gluten free Indian dish that is a very popular. Murgh Makhani origates from Delhi. Now, you can find butter chicken on almost all Indian restaurant menus in the world and it is a very easy dish to make. Chicken is the main star of this gluten free Indian dish which is swimming in a delicious tangy, creamy gravy made from tomato puree, spices and yoghurt. If you fancy giving this one a go, a recipe can be found here.

Aloo Gobi Matar

aloo gobi gluten free indian food

Aloo Gobi is a gluten free, vegetarian dish originating from Northern India. Three vegetables make up this curry: potato, cauliflower and peas which are cooked in a tomato onion gravy. Aloo Gobi Matar is not only gluten free, but usually is a good vegan option for Indian food as there is no yoghurt or cream found in this dish. This dish is a great example of a healthy and very satisfying gluten free Indian dish, and is usually served with basmati rice. 

Is Dosa Gluten Free?

dosa gluten free indian food

Dosa is a very popular gluten free Indian breakfast dish that is made from a fermented rice and lentil batter. Originating from South India, the best way to describe dosa is a giant, thin pancake or crepe. It is a very popular street food, which makes for a good option for a gluten free Indian meal on the go. Masala dosa is a popular vegetarian dish, where the dosa is filled with a spiced potato curry flavoured with turmeric, onions, curry leaves and black mustard seeds.

Is Idli Gluten Free?

idli gluten free indian food

Idli is a rice cake which is a popular side dish in India. Like dosa, Idli originates from South India and is also made from rice and lentil batter. However, unlike Dosa, instead of being cooked in a pan, it is steamed. Idli is a great example of Gluten Free Indian food due to being made from gluten free ingredients. Idli is commonly eaten with various chutneys or curries depending on the region of the cuisine.

Is Biryani Gluten Free?

gluten free indian biryani

Biryani is a popular Indian dish consisting of basmati rice, vegetables and meat which renders it naturally gluten free. It is a delicious dish that doesn’t contain the curry gravy commonly found in other popular Indian dishes and is drier. The uncooked rice is layered amongst the cooked vegetables, meat or both and is then cooked together. This ensures the delicious flavours are absorbing into the rice.

Are Pappadums Gluten Free?

gluten free indian pappadums

Pappadums are a popular Indian cracker that is made from flour from legumes, such as lentils or chickpeas. They are thin, crispy and found in all regions of India. The flour is combined with water and then dried. Thankfully, we can buy them already dried in the Indian food section and either fry them or pop them in the microwave! I often have them as a snack, and they are a great example of Gluten Free Indian Food. Interestingly, pappadums are more robust and stiff due to the lack of gluten.

Conclusion: Gluten Free Indian Food

These Gluten free Indian foods are all examples of dishes you can find in or outside of India which are perfect for a gluten free diet. Indian cuisine is known for being very gluten free friendly due to its abundance of vegetables, meat and legumes. The use of legume flours in Indian cuisine means that there are a lot of side dishes to enjoy, rather than bread or other gluten versions. I love Indian cuisine, and I often enjoy Indian food as I know that there is something guaranteed to be gluten free I can eat.

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