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Gluten Free Greek Food: Enjoy Authentic, Delicious And Healthy Mediterranean Cuisine

Gluten Free Greek Food You Must Try!

Gluten free Greek food is known for being fresh and vibrant with an abundance of gluten free options perfect for a gluten free diet. Greece is located in the Mediterranean, which boasts some of the most delicious food in Europe. Think tasty fruits, vegetables, aromatic herbs and locally sourced and seasonal ingredients. Greek cuisine also consists of an abundance of meats and seafood which is typically served alongside fresh vegetables and salads. Gluten free Greek food is not overly complex, but the flavours pack a punch and the simple ingredients render Greek cuisine perfect for those who have a gluten allergy.

If you’re lucky enough to be travelling to Greece or want to know the best gluten free Greek dishes, then here are 5 dishes for you to try. Each dish is simple yet has its unique flavours. Most importantly, each dish is naturally gluten free, perfect for a gluten free diet.

1. Souvlaki (Meat Skewers)

Gluten Free Greek Food Souvlaki

Dare I say Souvlaki is the most well known Greek dish and is naturally gluten free due to the main ingredient being meat. Souvlaki is a meat skewer, either chicken, lamb or beef, marinated in simple yet tasty ingredients such as lemon, oregano, olive oil and garlic that is cooked on a charcoal grill. The marinade makes the meat wonderfully flavoursome and tender. It is usually served in a pitta with salad and chips, however, those with a gluten allergy should opt for eating the delicious skewers on their own, or pair with a Greek salad. Alternatively, if you’re feeling extra hungry, serve with gluten free chips! A wonderful recipe can be found here.

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2. Spanakorizo (Greek Spinach and Rice)

Gluten Free Greek Spinach and Rice

A simple rice dish does not go a miss for those with gluten allergies following a gluten free diet! This dish is a perfect example of gluten free Greek food that is very easy to make and loaded with nutritious spinach. If you’re anything like me and you love rice as much as I do, this naturally gluten free Greek dish is right up your alley. This dish is a great winter warmer that incorporates aromatic herbs (dry or fresh) for a flavourful meal. Spanakorizo is naturally gluten free and vegan friendly and is a very nutritious dish to have as a main or a side for any occasion. There is a great recipe for this Greek staple here.

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3. Gemista (Stuffed Tomatoes and Peppers)

Gluten free greek stuffed vegetables

Gemista is simply stuffed vegetables such as tomatoes and peppers which makes for a wonderfully healthy meal. A fantastic example of a gluten free Greek food that uses fresh vegetables with minimal ingredients and maximum flavour, perfect for those following a gluten free diet. Various seasonal vegetables such as peppers, tomatoes or eggplants are stuffed with a rice mixture that has been sauteed with onion, garlic, chopped tomatoes and any other vegetables and herbs you wish to add. You can add minced meat to the filling of the vegetables too, for a meat eater version. A great recipe can be found here.

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4. Lamb kleftiko (Greek Lamb)

Gluten free Greek Lamb

Greek Lamb is a naturally gluten free Greek dish and was always one of my favourite dishes when growing up. Kleftiko is a slow cooked lamb and vegetable dish. It is simple yet the star of the show on any table. The lamb is marinated in traditional Greek flavours such as garlic, olive oil and lemon juice. The interesting thing about this dish is that the lamb and the vegetables are cooked together in parchment paper in the oven, low and slow. The lamb melts in your mouth, potatoes are fluffy and the vegetables are tender. A bonus to this already delicious dish is that cooking all the elements together in parchment paper means fewer dishes!

5. Tzatziki

Gluten free greek Tzatziki

Tzatziki is a sauce consisting of Greek yoghurt which is naturally gluten free, cucumber, garlic and fresh herbs. This sauce is a very well known sauce and is a perfect example of gluten free Greek food. It is extremely refreshing and a delicious accompaniment to any Greek dish! Fresh herbs such as dill and mint are commonly used in this sauce, which adds a fresh and aromatic flavour. Tzatziki can be used as a dipping sauce for fresh vegetables, or a sauce to accompany your souvlaki.

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This list of gluten free Greek food shows that many Greek dishes are naturally gluten free, perfect for those on a gluten free diet. Due to Greece being situated in the Mediterranean, they favour fresh and seasonal produce to incorporate into their cuisine. Gluten free Greek food comprises simple and fresh ingredients, and Greek cuisine can be safe for those suffering from a gluten allergy. Remember to always ensure that there is no Gluten in the dishes just in case. If you are going to Greece or want to explore a Mediterranean gluten free diet, I encourage you to try these delicious dishes and explore the delicious flavours of Greek food!

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