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The Best Korean Stone Pot (Dolsot): How To Elevate Your Skills By Cooking In Stone in 2023

A Korean stone pot or a Dolsot is a traditional Korean pot made from natural stone such as granite and is commonly used for a Korean dish called bibimbap. A dolsot is microwave safe, stovetop safe and also dishwasher safe and has a fantastic ability to retain heat. Rice is often served in this pot, and it is no surprise that the popular Korean rice dish, Bibimbap which translates to “mixed rice” is made and served in this pot. There is a whole dish named Bibimbap Dolsot for this very reason. Bibimbap is a bed of fluffy rice topped with marinated meat and vegetables and a yummy runny egg and fortunately can be made gluten free. Korean stone pots or dolsots can also be used to make steamy Korean stews, such as Kimchi Jiggae which is also an example of Korean food that can be made gluten free.

Buying a Dolsot

Korean stone pot, or Dolsot, is a must have in any kitchen. When choosing your Korean stone pot or Dolsot, it is imperative to consider the following factors:

  • Size: Dolsot or Korean Clay Pots come in an array of different sizes. Bear this in mind when you are purchasing a Dolsot. Think of how many people you will be cooking for and ensure you purchase a pot that is big enough.
  • Thickness: Dolsot or Korean clay pots are notorious for retaining high amounts of heat. A thicker dolsot will mean a higher ability to retain heat and will also mean the pot is more robust and durable.
  • Surface: The surface of the dolsot should not have any visible cracks or chips that would affect its use.

Which Dolsot Should I Buy?

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Recommended #1

2 pc Dolsot Bibimbap Bowl – Korean Stone Bowl

If you’re looking for an authentic Korean Clay Pot or Dolsot made from granite then you can’t look past this 2 piece set. These are thick and sturdy and perfect for cooking Korean food in the oven or on a gas or electric stovetop. This bowl holds 32 ounces and you are ensured to get crispy rice every use! It is perfect for bibimbap and is robust and sturdy which means it’s suitable for the oven, all types of burners or hobs and is dishwasher and microwave safe. 

Recommended #2

Sizzling Korean Stone Bowl Dolsot For Bibimbap and Soup

This ceramic pot is a little bigger than the granite bowl listed above and it is made from clay. It holds 1.3 litres and is microwave, dishwasher, oven safe, as well as safe to use on any type of stove top except for induction. A positive of this pot is that it has a lid, which means the heat is retained within the vessel. This pot is perfect for stews and other Korean meals. These clay pots are durable and long lasting when comparing to other stone cookware.

How to Take Care of a Granite Dolsot

Before cooking with a dolsot, it must be seasoned properly to ensure the best use. If the pot is granite, it is recommended to submerge the dolsot into a saltwater brine for 72 hours. Do not use soap to clean as the granite is porous. It is best to clean a dolsot with rock salt to ensure a thorough clean. If the dolsot is made from clay ceramic then there is no need to season or clean with salt. A ceramic dolsot can be cleaned with soap and soak it if there is any stubborn food residue.

Conclusion: Korean Stone Pot 

Korean stone bowls or dolsots are very versatile pots that can withstand immense heat, therefore are perfect for stews and rice. This pot is a must have in the kitchen as it can be used in the oven or on a stove top and is perfect for one pot meals!

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