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Gluten intolerant? Embarking on a gluten free diet? I am here to help you understand which foods are gluten free so you can enjoy a worry-free meal!

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Eating a gluten free diet?

Learning to embrace a gluten free diet does not have to be daunting. If you suffer from gluten intolerance, it can be painful to consume gluten. This resource is here to help by providing answers to your burning questions of whether something is gluten free or not.


Food Fondles is here as your trusty guide with well researched articles by a gluten free lifer. I help you with navigating a gluten free diet and providing you with the correct information. A fellow gluten free food lover discovering delicious gluten free foods from all over the world. Food Fondles is a place to gain knowledge and assurity when it comes to eating a gluten free foods. Cook gluten free foods using tried and tested kitchen appliances reviewed here, perfect for your gluten free kitchen.

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Hello, I am Paris!


Hey there, welcome to my little slice (gf) of the internet. I’m Paris, I am passionate about eating gluten free. I have been embracing a gluten free diet since 2018 due to health issues. I am here to tell you that going gluten free should not be scary or daunting. 

My aim is to be your trusty gluten free resource. A place to visit when you are unsure if you can eat something, or to check the gluten free status of that food. I can also provide guides to tried and tested gluten free restaurants, gluten free bakeries, and any other gluten free establishment!

So let me help you make the most out of your gluten free diet. 

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